Friday, March 28, 2008


We took the kids to a friend's son's birthday party last night. It's an indoor place with tons of those inflatable bouncy type germ infestations. No one came home with a concussion, just a sugar high and bad hair. The germ manifestations are yet to be seen.

My baby girl went down the tallest slide by herself. I was scared she'd get up there and chicken out and I'd have to send Big D up to rescue her, but she did it! And then promptly announced "AGAIN!"

Here she is driving. I love that you don't even have to put a token in for her to be amused.

Birthday Crew.

We actually had to take the Birthday Crew to a nearby Burger King because Bouncertown doesn't allow you to bring in a birthday cake unless you fork out tons of cash for one of their Uberspecialwayoverpricedcraptastic Party Packages. To all of the patrons and employees at BK last night, we apologize for the screaming (sorry, it was late and hello! we gave them CAKE), whistle blowing (gotta love goodie bags), cake smearing (Spiderman), and bubble blowing (goodie bags are FUN).

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Customer of the Day

"I need a windy mocha frappuccino."

"A..uh...what? A tall?"

"A windy. Frappuccino."

"Um. A small?"

"The largest. Biggest. Windy."

"Oooooh. A Venti. Yes, sure, coming right up."

Eater Buddy

We're not religious at all, in fact I think I could be labeled as a heathen, but still, chocolate bunnies and marshmallow eggs are fun. Smella and Big D had a lovely time coloring eggs, and Saturday night when I reminded Smella that the Easter Bunny would be coming that night and dropping off some baskets, she nearly crapped her pants at the thought. "The Eater Buddy? To my house? Eater basket?!?!" It was almost better than Santa, though I have no idea why. Maybe because bunnies are way less threatening than some strange, fat, hairy guy in a horribly red suit? (Because the mention of "would you like to go see Santa?" makes Smella emit ear-piercing shrieks of protest.) Either way, Eater was nice, and the best bunny present was the $1 package of bubbles. My floors are a little sticky, but Smella has finally learned how to blow her own bubbles.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I hope they like me!

I actually applied for community college the other day. Now I'm waiting to hear if I'm accepted. *snort* Since the hardest question was "Fill in your address" I think I have a pretty good shot! I'm really excited and kind of wished I'd done this years ago. But I look back at myself graduating high school, and wild horses couldn't have dragged me back to a school. I was so tired of it. I told myself I'd take a bit off and then go, but stuff happened, and then kids, and then a car payment or two, and a mortgage... I'm still not sure going back now is the best time either, but I'm afraid no time will be. And I really see myself as a L&D nurse. I know I'd be excellent at it. I couldn't say that when I was 18.

And I bet I get to buy school supplies. For myself. Pens and paper and notebooks and erasers and three-ring binders! *squeeee!*

Customer of the Day

There's a lady that comes in pretty much every night. I think she's on her way to or from work because she's usually dressed in scrubs. I don't think she's much older than I am, and she may actually be younger, but she always calls me "dear." It cracks me up. If I see her drive up, I say hey, want your medium non-fat, no-whip, stirred white mocha? We do this the other night, and when she gets around to the window, she's giggling and says, "My four year old is impressed! He said, 'She's so smart! You didn't even have to tell her what you wanted!'"

See? I'm impressive to four year olds at least!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Customer of the Day

We have this lady who regularly comes in. And when I say regularly, I mean like six times a day. During the winter, she orders a large, six-pump sugar-free vanilla, 2% milk, six Splenda, extra hot, no foam latte. Summer is a large sugar-free caramel coffee light blended drink with extra caramel drizzle on top.

So other than her drinks being absolutely stupid, she also orders them as "Bitchface* latte" or "Bitchface Frappuccino" and expects whoever is in drive-thru to know what the hell she's talking about, and lordamercy if you happen to not know what that means. She spends $30 a day at this joint, you had better know what she's talking about! Or she'll be all pissy and NOT leave that $1 tip!

I've worked at this same location for a year and a half, and even though I totally know the sound of her voice, and I'm sure she knows mine, I make sure I don't know what a Bitchface latte is, just so she has to tell me exactly how many Splendas she wants. I know she hates me for it, but I can't help it. Sometimes that little power trip is the only thing that helps me make it through the day.

*Bitchface isn't really her name. Just what I call her. In my head.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

The First "Customer of the Day"

Nice looking middle-aged guy walks up and orders a tall, decaf, non-fat, sugar-free caramel latte. I take his money and slide over to the espresso machine and finish his drink. When I hand him his cup, I repeat the name of the drink.

"Wow. Now that you say it, it's probably not going to be very good at all."

"Well, between you and me, we do call those no-fun lattes."

I'm back. Ish.

I knew I wouldn't post regularly, but I haven't given up completely. I wound up having that third baby. We named him Boobers, and I really can't describe how grateful I am that we had that little rendezvous sometime in August '06. He's the sweetest baby and totally worth everything. I now know why the babies of families are incredibly screwed up. If he would let me, I would swaddle his butt and nuzzle his fuzzy baby head all day long. But at ten months old, he balks at that. Pfft.

So while I throughly enjoy my job as a coffee slinger, actually Coffee Slinger with Keys as I was promoted to a shift manager late last year, I'm thinking of heading back to school this fall to become a labor/delivery nurse. I'm only going to be taking a couple of classes a semester, so an associates degree is only sixteen years away. I'm just hoping to be done by the time my oldest is ready for college.

I'm going to post more, dammit. I'm going to try to post a "Customer of the Day" post. Which might be hard considering I don't work daily, but it's something. But I read several blogs on a daily basis and think, um, I could do that. I could totally be a household name of at least two people or so. So wish me luck. Onward!

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