Friday, March 28, 2008


We took the kids to a friend's son's birthday party last night. It's an indoor place with tons of those inflatable bouncy type germ infestations. No one came home with a concussion, just a sugar high and bad hair. The germ manifestations are yet to be seen.

My baby girl went down the tallest slide by herself. I was scared she'd get up there and chicken out and I'd have to send Big D up to rescue her, but she did it! And then promptly announced "AGAIN!"

Here she is driving. I love that you don't even have to put a token in for her to be amused.

Birthday Crew.

We actually had to take the Birthday Crew to a nearby Burger King because Bouncertown doesn't allow you to bring in a birthday cake unless you fork out tons of cash for one of their Uberspecialwayoverpricedcraptastic Party Packages. To all of the patrons and employees at BK last night, we apologize for the screaming (sorry, it was late and hello! we gave them CAKE), whistle blowing (gotta love goodie bags), cake smearing (Spiderman), and bubble blowing (goodie bags are FUN).


Anonymous said...

Bouncertown Bummer!
I am very disappointed that no one checked my hand stamp, I walked in with four children and my fiance and I were both stamped with the children. When we left however, we walked right out and no one even bothered to check to see if they were mine. There were two other couples that walked out with us and they were not checked either. THIS IS VERY FRIGHTENING!

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