Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Eater Buddy

We're not religious at all, in fact I think I could be labeled as a heathen, but still, chocolate bunnies and marshmallow eggs are fun. Smella and Big D had a lovely time coloring eggs, and Saturday night when I reminded Smella that the Easter Bunny would be coming that night and dropping off some baskets, she nearly crapped her pants at the thought. "The Eater Buddy? To my house? Eater basket?!?!" It was almost better than Santa, though I have no idea why. Maybe because bunnies are way less threatening than some strange, fat, hairy guy in a horribly red suit? (Because the mention of "would you like to go see Santa?" makes Smella emit ear-piercing shrieks of protest.) Either way, Eater was nice, and the best bunny present was the $1 package of bubbles. My floors are a little sticky, but Smella has finally learned how to blow her own bubbles.


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