Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I hope they like me!

I actually applied for community college the other day. Now I'm waiting to hear if I'm accepted. *snort* Since the hardest question was "Fill in your address" I think I have a pretty good shot! I'm really excited and kind of wished I'd done this years ago. But I look back at myself graduating high school, and wild horses couldn't have dragged me back to a school. I was so tired of it. I told myself I'd take a bit off and then go, but stuff happened, and then kids, and then a car payment or two, and a mortgage... I'm still not sure going back now is the best time either, but I'm afraid no time will be. And I really see myself as a L&D nurse. I know I'd be excellent at it. I couldn't say that when I was 18.

And I bet I get to buy school supplies. For myself. Pens and paper and notebooks and erasers and three-ring binders! *squeeee!*


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