Thursday, March 13, 2008

I'm back. Ish.

I knew I wouldn't post regularly, but I haven't given up completely. I wound up having that third baby. We named him Boobers, and I really can't describe how grateful I am that we had that little rendezvous sometime in August '06. He's the sweetest baby and totally worth everything. I now know why the babies of families are incredibly screwed up. If he would let me, I would swaddle his butt and nuzzle his fuzzy baby head all day long. But at ten months old, he balks at that. Pfft.

So while I throughly enjoy my job as a coffee slinger, actually Coffee Slinger with Keys as I was promoted to a shift manager late last year, I'm thinking of heading back to school this fall to become a labor/delivery nurse. I'm only going to be taking a couple of classes a semester, so an associates degree is only sixteen years away. I'm just hoping to be done by the time my oldest is ready for college.

I'm going to post more, dammit. I'm going to try to post a "Customer of the Day" post. Which might be hard considering I don't work daily, but it's something. But I read several blogs on a daily basis and think, um, I could do that. I could totally be a household name of at least two people or so. So wish me luck. Onward!


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