Thursday, February 26, 2009

For those considering a smooshyfaced puppy

Get a short one. They can't reach the trash can and they can't do that awkward crotch sniffing thing to your guests.

They encourage your kids to keep their toys picked up. No one likes their toys slobbered on.

They have bad breath. The husband insists this is because they lick their balls, but I'm thinking if their balls smelled that bad that they'd smell like dog breath all over.

My floors have never been cleaner.

On a related note, Boober's face has never been cleaner either.

They'll chase your cat around. I guess this isn't a huge bonus, but Scout is getting some exercise and it's hilarious.

They're always so happy when you come home. Even if I've just stepped away to go take a pee real quick, Oscar does his happy puppy jump thing when I come back.

They give you something to blog about.

When their nails are a tad long but you can't find the damn nail clippers, they make a neat tippity-tap noise when walking around on linoleum.

And when all else fails and they're getting on your very last frayed nerve, you can stick 'em in a cage! I'm pretty sure it's illegal to do that to kids.


Keely said...

The clean floor thing is awesome. I gotta warn you though, the tippity-tap? GETS REALLY ANNOYING FAST.

Maybe that just me though.

kaila said...

Not just you, Keely, we have wood floors, two dogs and two cats - even the cats claws go clickety-clack....UGH!

Enjoy your height-challenged puppy. At least he can't put his paws on kitchen counters and such, slobbery kisses can be wiped off much easier!

FoN said...

You're not supposed to put kids in a cage? Uhhh...I gotta go.

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