Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Why we need a dog

or What happens when you skip a day of sweeping
or The cat really needs to step up her game
or You know your blog has gone to shit when you start posting pictures of piles of dirt
and I still need a digital SLR and maybe a photography class


Keely said...

Dude, you totally need a dog. My kitchen floor has never been cleaner since X started solids.
Okay, it's cleaned with dog spit, but still. Better than what I was doing.

Amanda said...

Oh, I wish you were here to take my dog. I cannot manage her with three. SIgh. Good luck. We have a sweet lab mix, fixed and loves kids, whenever you're ready.

Until then I swear by Clorox wipes used as skates!

Ane Fallarme said...

covering the floor with lotsa newspapers will work just fine...:)LOL!!!:)

Kelly said...

Thanks for the very generous offer, but that's why I don't get a dog. The cat (although sort of lazy) is pretty self-sufficient. Dogs expect to be fed and walked and paid attention to.

Maybe I can ask for a Roomba this Christmas instead?

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