Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Random Tuesday thoughts


Thank god for Keely and her excuse to be all willy-nilly. I think I can thank her for keeping this blog going.

1. I have a huge test in anatomy and physiology this Saturday over bones. And even though humans have 206 bones, that's not the problem. The problem are all the bone accoutrements like fossas and foramens and doohickies galore. Seriously. Bone doohickies.

2. Life with Oscar is going swimmingly, thanks for asking. He's eaten a few plastic dinosaurs here and there, but other than that, he's not too bad.

3. My mom has the babies today and has been keeping them for me the past several Tuesdays. It's so awesome I can barely stand it. And quiet. I can actually hear myself think.

4. I'm sure everyone's seen this already, but I'm slow on the uptake. So here. I giggled and then was a little perturbed.

5. What's it all about when you pull up to a red light and don't line up head-to-head with the car next to you? Like there's an unwritten rule that your windows can't line up so you can look at the driver next to you. And how awkward is it when someone breaks that unwritten rule? You start to feel a little panicky and weird. "OMG! Someone's RIGHT THERE. Do I look? No. Stare straight ahead. Wait. Are they looking at me? EEEEEEK. WhatdoIdo, whatdoIdooooo? Whew, light's green."

Or is that just me?


blueviolet said...

Sometimes I start to get the feeling they're looking so I just rest my elbow on the window ledge and lean my face on my hand for protection. Like that really helps.

Ginny Marie said...

No, it's not just you! But don't you hate cars with tinted windows, and you can't see inside them? It makes you think there must be a drug deal going down!

Keely said...

LMAO @ blueviolet! I do the same thing. I also pretend to be really really busy with something in the console until the light turns green.

Are the bone doohickies the kind you have to get removed?

Sarah's Blogtastic Adventures said...

Oh My God that video was hilarious. Maybe too hilarious? I need to get out more! : )

Margo said...

Something about cars just seems so private. Where do these rules come from? You never know when you're going to catch someone picking their nose or something.

mrsbear said...

What is it like to hear yourself thinking? It sounds like a beautiful, impossible dream. The kittens were pretty funny, although I don't think I could have watched it for more than a minute, kittens and squealing children scare me.

Robin Costello said...

That video is a-freaking-dorable! LOL!

Anonymous said...

I can go days without getting a text message and then the second that I get in my car, everrrryone wants to talk to me. I won't text and drive, so I hold off until red lights. Then I feel like the person next to me (if they're broken the rule and are lined up RIGHT next to me) must think I text while I drive, thus making me some horrible person, and I feel guilty for something that I don't do. God.

The rest of the time, I also do the elbow-on-ledge palm-on-head oh-so-restless look.

Angel said...

Good luck with you tests! I know what you mean, and if you make eye contact then you have to feel even stranger. Don't make eye contact!!!

Casey said...

I'm guilty of not lining up with the car next to me, I hate trying to avoid the stare down.

Bone doohickies sound complicated. Good luck to you.

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