Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Random Tuesday thoughts


1. My sister got a miniature dachshund named Oscar. I WANT HIM. Only I'll rename him Mr. Snugglewugglecutiesmooshieface.

2. By sheer coincidence, my friend K got a Boston terrier puppy named Oliver. I've seen a picture of him, and I WANT HIM TOO.

3. Except that on Saturday night, K's puppy broke his leg. The emergency vet charged $350 that night, and she's going to have to pay to have it re-splinted every two weeks for a couple of months. Right now, my healthy, sturdy ten-year-old cat is looking pretty good.

4. School starts back up for me next Monday. I'm going to try to go full time this semester. I'm taking anatomy and physiology I, intermediate algebra, sociology, and interpersonal communications. Books for this semester ran me $818. Do you know what I could buy with that amount of money? I'm trying not to think about it.

5. I'm doing laundry today, and I'm obsessed with fabric softener. I'll cheap out on just about everything, but I only buy expensive softener. I figure if I have to do all the laundry, I might as well treat myself to some fine smelling clothes.

6. It's been what? three weeks since we've had our Wii? I still can't beat the husband in tennis, and I can't tell you how fucking annoying it is. And he gloats. What kind of asshole gloats to his wife? This just means that I have to practice harder while he's at work. I hope he doesn't want fresh smelling underwear any time soon.

7. I have to sweep and mop the kitchen now because of my lack of crumb-snatching puppy. But dammit! $350 in x-rays and pain pills! But ohhh, velvety puppy ears and soft puppy paws and puppy breath...


Keely said...

Puppies can break their legs?? Heartbreaking! I would snugglewugglesquoosh him and pet his soft velvety ears and love him back to health.

Ahem. My hubby gloats, too, albeit somewhat quietly.

Tiffi33 said...

OMG there has to be nothing cuter than a puppy in a cast..or sadder..not sure which..but I would totally feed him people food!!

My uncle has maltese puppies..my god they are SO cute...marshmallows w/ legs!!
and I SO denigrate into senseless baby talk (or syllables if it is really cute) when I see baby animals...it is ridiculous!!

and yes, men gloat. mine does. he is mean....

Fon said...

OMG - I've always wanted a puppy named Mr. Snugglewugglecutiesmooshieface too! What are the odds? I feel your pain - I've been working the puppy angle for months and it's getting me nowhere. The hubby says only if I'm willing to get rid of at least two of the kids. I can live with that but I can't decide which one to keep.....

Anonymous said...

$818?! Haven't you ever tried half.com?

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