Monday, January 05, 2009

Need entertainment booked? Call me.

Since the holidays are over, my job has finally leveled out. There were a few nights in these past few weeks that were unbearable; everyone and their brother wanted coffee all at the same time, and since there's been budget cuts, staffing has been low. This equals two to three baristas running around like madmen, sloshing hot coffee and spraying mocha everywhere.

God, I love my job.

I worked Saturday night, and for some reason, Saturdays aren't as busy as you'd think. So when I got a phone call from a kid wanting to know if he and his partner could play their acoustic music in our lobby, I said as long as there was room, come on in!

They came. And I think they brought every family member and friend they knew. And all those people came at once, and they all wanted a drink. So not only was the lobby crazy, but I had wary people in drive-thru, avoiding the packed parking lot and wondering what they hell was going on.

After that initial mad rush, it calmed down. The entire lobby was packed, people standing around these two high school kids with guitars and microphones. For the most part, they were actually good. I actually felt guilty for being loud while steaming milk and running the blenders. But then lead singer guy was generous and gave his partner a turn at the mike.

All was good at first. And then #2 got all into it and got really loud and really, really out of tune. The first caterwaul he belted out made my coworkers and I stop dead in our tracks and avoid eye contact while choking back giggles. By the second and third yowls, we had to excuse ourselves to snort in the back room.

At one point, one of the family members that was with the group came up for a refill. #2 wailed in the background, and he laughed and said he needed more coffee, because, whew, that guy was...intense.

They played for two hours or so, and by the end of it, we were maybe a little more than happy they were done. But when they came up and thanked me for the space and opportunity, I smiled and told them they were welcome back any time.

Because that one dude? He needs practice.


Keely said...

nice! I've been looking for a talent agent. And I think I probably sing even WORSE.

Elisa said...

Oh boy. I am not good about stopping myself from breaking into uncontrollable giggles when a performer is bad, particularly if they are singing. I'm thinking you could have maybe been louder steaming the milk and all ;-)

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