Friday, January 02, 2009

Yes, Virginia, it's officially over

While I was at work last night, the husband made a valiant effort to take the tree down. Finally. Everything is boxed up and ready to go, and now all I have to do is vacuum up the "needles" from our very, very fake tree. Assholes. People have fake trees so they don't have to deal with real ones.

The husband disassembled the tree last night after the babies went to bed, so when Smella came out of her room this morning, bleary-eyed and crazy-haired, she got to the living room and gasped.

"OH NO! Where did the tree go?!"

I thought for a moment she was really going to cry.

Big D scoffed at her and told her Christmas was over, the tree has to go away. She accepted that answer, but keeps wandering over to the boxes, running her small hands along them. The girl loves Christmas and all the trimmings, and I think she may be a little wistful that it's over.

I have NO idea where she'd get that from.


Keely said...

Aw! Poor thing. Our tree is still up. We were out of town for 3 days, so we get 3 days in lieu, right??

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