Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Random Hump Day Thoughts

1. I'm going out tomorrow with girlfriends. It'll be the first time in several weeks, and I can't remember the last time I was so excited. Probably the last time I went out with girlfriends.

2. Smella is hollering right now because the doll clothes she's using as a hat won't stay perched on the top of her head. I think I might choke her until her head pops off. Then she won't have a need for a hat.

3. My job is really getting on my nerves. The boat is sinking it seems, and they are scrambling trying to find something to save it. "We'll try retraining the employees!" Yes, because I've worked there a year and a half and still can't make a mocha to save my life. "NO! New doughnuts!" Hi? Dunkin' Donuts? Your big competition? They have coffee. And um, doughnuts too. "Nonono, a new blend of COFFEE! That's the ticket!" Oh. So we can brew the every single day. Like, um, Dunkin' Donuts. I see. This all solidifies the fact that I must return to school and get a grown up job.

4. I'm back on the diet bandwagon. I have to because my freaking clothes aren't fitting so well. And since I WILL NOT buy a bigger size, I must shrink. Yay ricecakes.

5. I'm hoping something inspiring happens between now and tomorrow, because this post? Kinda lame.


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