Friday, April 11, 2008


I finally had that much-needed break (shout-out to the husband for suffering through three kids all alone). It was cooling and refreshing and I feel so much better. Or maybe it was just the fact that it was raining. I dunno.

I'm not sure the husband realizes how much I need to escape like that, because he occasionally gets, I don't know, grumbly, about me leaving for the night. But I ate a grown-up meal at a relatively grown-up restaurant and I didn't have to share. If I had ordered something hot, I would've eaten it at that temp (shout-out to lettuce wraps though. Not hot, but still delicious). I had real grown-up conversation with two women I absolutely adore. I come back after a few hours out and actually miss the offspring and husband. I sometimes want to sneak into the offsprings' bedrooms and nuzzle their heads. But I refrain. Because they're asleep and it's SO rude to be woken up by your mom nuzzling your head. Seriously.

I have two more days off of work (shout-out to Becca the schedule maker. I needed three days off in a row) before I start a five day stretch with another three days off. The weather's gorgeous today, so we're heading out to bask in it. I'm hoping to birthday shop for the husband tomorrow and not eat myself silly because I've lost four pounds since Tuesday morning (shout-out to Weight Watchers, I guess?). Back to the grindstone Sunday, but for now, I'm out.


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