Thursday, April 03, 2008

Listy McListerson

1. When you order your drink nonfat, and I ask if you still want the whipped cream, I'm not doing it to make you feel guilty. I'm just checking. Although I will say, ordering your drink nonfat doesn't cancel out the calories of the whipped cream. Much like ordering a Diet Coke doesn't cancel out the calories in your Baconator.

2. I really wish it were more Springy for Spring Break.

3. I've taught Smella to say "pardon me" when she burps as opposed to "excuse me." It's hilarious. I'm going to teach her "Onward Howard!" next. Just for fun.

4. The Baconator? The Baconator has six (SIX!) slices of bacon.

5. Boobers has learned to walk at ten months old. And he's actually walking really well. When I leave for work I ask for kisses, and he'll actually toddle over and let me smooch all over his soft baby face while giggling. It's absofreakinlutely adorable. If you ask for him to give kisses, he licks your face and occasionally rubs his sharp baby teeth on your cheek. It's absofreakinlutely scary for a minute.


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