Monday, April 27, 2009

What I've been doing the past almost three weeks

1. Painting Smella's toenails. I picked a soft, pale-pink and she balked and insisted on the whore red shade. I won out.

2. Working. All the time. Still dreaming of the place burning to ashes.

3. Finishing up loose ends for school. I have an anatomy final in two weeks and one more paper to write for sociology. Can. Not. Wait. Until. It's. Over.

4. Celebrating the husband's 33rd birthday. I not-so-secretly enjoy that he'll always be older than I.

5. Fretting over not posting. Fretting over having nothing to post about. Considering never posting again.

6. Cutting myself some slack on the blog thing and getting a grip.

7. Hyperventilating about the fact that I'll soon have a two-year-old next month.

8. Enjoying the weather. I briefly considered rolling in the warm grass and soaking in as much sun into my pores as possible.

9. Deciding the neighbors don't really wanna see that.

10. Sucking it up and finally posting. Hope y'all are okay. I think I'm finally seeing a faint, tiny light at the end of the tunnel.


Keely said...

Wait...neighbours don't want to see that?

FoN said...

Hey! I was wondering about you. Glad you're back and don't sweat the posting thing. I have the same issue, and then I think - so fucking what. Kind of my motto these days.

Jenni said...

welcome back! and here's to our husbands being older!

Elisa said...

Man, I've missed your lists! I'm sorry I have been MIA, but now I'm back, baby!

And I can totally relate to enjoying hdh's birthday - I actually bought my husband a card that said exactly that "ha! I'll always be younger than you! happy birthday!" I know, he's lucky to have me :-)

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