Thursday, January 22, 2009

Listy McListerson

1. I'm still here. Barely.

2. I had to drop my math class because when I went to double check the ASN curriculum, the math I was taking no longer fulfilled the requirement. I was a little more than happy to.

3. It's hard, going back to school, three kids, blah, blah, blah. But it is and will be so beneficial to this whole family. The added income once I'm a RN will be great, but the kids watching me do this is the real bonus. I took Big D with me to drop that math class, and he was in awe and had so many questions. I answered all of them and then some. Brainwashing starts early up in this house.

4. The husband pondered which sounds better: President Obama or former President Bush. Either one makes me so giddy I could cry.

5. Something that has been making me giggle all week: When asked where something is, like a sippy cup or his blankie, Boobers points all haphazardly and says, "Dere." Also cute if not a little disconcerting: Big D and Smella playing "squirrel" where one is appointed the squirrel and the other the "keeper." Squirrel crawls around saying, "SQUEEEEEAK" while the other throws food at it. People should procreate just for that kind of shit.


The Husband said...

OK so you noticed the squirrel thing too. Where did that come from??

Kelly said...

Your side of the family.

FoN said...

The squirrel thing is hilarious. Do people regularly throw things at squirrels in your part of the world?

Tough call on the Bush/Obama question....I could go either way. No, I'm leaning towards 'former President Bush' being the better of the two. As long as that guy hits the road there is really no where to go but up.

Hang in there with school - hard is an understatement, but you'll sure be happy when you're done!

Keely said...

lol @ the squirrel thing!

Xander also points randomly when he wants something, except he just grunts. I should start with the brainwashing too.

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