Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I may never post again

School started Monday, and I'm already a ball of overwhelmedness. Firefox says that isn't a word, but Firefox can suck it.

If I thought I bit off more than I could chew last semester, I got a fucking wake-up call this semester. At first, twelve credit hours seemed doable. Aside from anatomy, the other three classes are really a piece of cake.

I may have been wrong.

I'm struggling with the idea of only going part-time. I think I would feel better mentally, but it's going to take forever to graduate at that pace, and I don't earn as much in grants. When I go full time, grants cover nearly all of tuition and books. If I go part-time, I'll have to take out more student loans. Student loans suck donkey balls.

I have to work at least 18-20 hours a week to maintain all of our health insurance. The husband's health insurance is way too much money. So cutting down hours there really isn't a possibility.

I've thought about giving up a kid or two, but I think the law frowns upon that.

I'm going to buckle down for a couple of weeks. Hell, I haven't even been to my anatomy and physiology class yet. Maybe it'll all fall into place and work itself out. Besides, I only have to make it until May at this pace, right?

Sure, I may have a complete mental breakdown, but I hear they give really good drugs for that.


Keely said...

omg - you're insane already. I mean that in a good way, but....omg. 3 kids, working 20 hours a week, AND a full load of classes?

You're insane.

Tess said...

I say just take anatomy and physiology only. I took anatomy and physiology together and no other classes and it was a challenge. physiology was just as challenging as anatomy for me, since besides just memorizing stuff you've gotta learn exactly how it works in such detail. I did like taking the classes at the same time and think that is helpful. I loved the classes though, and you'll totally feel like a god when you've crammed all that info in. :)

Kelly said...

My anatomy and physiology is one class. They smoosh them together and then make you take two semesters of them.

And there's a part of me that views this all as a damn challenge, and I WILL win, dammit. I will work 20 hours a week, have three kids, and maintain a 4.0 with a full load of classes.

It's just that, woo, I get a little tired.

Fon said...

I feel your pain. My husband is currently taking four classes and working four nights a week, AND we have three children. He drinks a lot.

Why don't you move to Canada? We don't make you pay for health coverage. You have to wait on the magic list for about three years before you can actually get an appointment to see anyone, but it is free once you make it there. Provided you're still alive by that point, that is.

S. Kang said...

I also feel your pain. Minus the kids. So sorry. But good luck and rock on.

Ane Fallarme said...

Whew! Just reading your post made me want to take a nap for you... :D lol! You're an amazing person to even try balancing being a wife, a mom to not 1 but 3 kids, have a job and be a student... And I can't even fold our mountain of clothes... Damn, you make me look lazy... lol! :D

jen @ negative lane said...

Wow. I've also been feeling like I have too much to do, but you totally win at overwhelmedness. (See, the word is already catching on!)

I'm a bit of a martyr, so I have to admit I'd probably subscribe to the "I only have to do this until May" philosophy. I'm not saying it's a good idea, just what I'd do.

Hang tough.

Susan Bitterman said...

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