Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Oh deer

We live in a pretty suburban area, but we're butted up against some woods. The woods are small and on the other side of them is another subdivision.

Yet we still have these visitors often. I think the two that came to hang out in our yard today were the babies I've seen hanging around their mama. These fawns have grown and their white spots are fading. I'm not sure where mama was, but they were feasting on my slightly overgrown yard.


Oh, shit. You're looking at us WAY too hard.

I call this "Deer in Headlights." Yes, I know there are no headlights. WHAT OF IT?

I completely want a pet deer now. Are deer like cats? If you whip out a can of tuna, will they be your best friends? These guys didn't seem to mind me at all. I stood on my front porch for a good ten minutes, snapping pictures. They would occasionally pop a head up with weeds dangling out of their mouths to check me out and then go back to eating. They got a touch nervous when Smella came out though, and they decided to nonchalantly walk back into the woods.

See? I have the best of both worlds. Deer in my yard and a Target within three miles. Woot!


teri said...

Love the deer pics! Makes me miss home - we had deer families every spring. Lots of little spotted fawns playing in the front yard, Mama always watchful, Daddy nowhere to be seen. Had to keep the redneck brothers-in-law in the house or we'd have a few less deer in the neighborhood.

Elisa said...

oooh, pretty! I can't believe people actually eat them :-(

Kelly said...

I know! I look at these really stunning animals and wonder how anyone can shoot them. All right, I'll admit, if we were starving, and there were baby deer grazing in my freaking front yard, they'd be goners. But just for sport? Nah.

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