Friday, May 09, 2008

Listy McListerson

1. It isn't really helping when my two-year-old is being a complete and utter butthead in Target and you cluck your tongue and say, "They're a handful at this age, aren't they?"

2. I hate magicians. And magic shows. You know it's fake, I know it's fake, so therefore it isn't all that impressive. And why can't you just tell me HOW IT'S DONE?

3. In a week and one day, I'll have a one-year-old. While I don't want anymore children, it still majorly bums me out that he's my very last one-year-old.

4. Our stimulus refund check dohickey came today. We have to go out later and buy a lawnmower. I hate buying unfun, practical things with free money. I also hate doing what George Bush wants. But I DO like saying "stimulate the economy." It sounds dirty.

5. Did I ever follow-up on Operation Potty Train Smella? She's completely trained. Pee, poop, day and night. I can't believe how quickly she caught on and how proud I am of her. But then she runs around like a total maniac in the shoe aisle (see #1), and I figure something ought to be easy.


Eric said...

Maybe because I used to be a juggler i totally agree with the magician hating.

Magicians are inherently lying to you - tricking you. Juggling is pure and no tricks allowed (well, okay the knives are not actually all that sharp).

although sleight of hand is often amazing and i imagine it takes quite a lot of practice so perhaps I shouldn't be judgmental.

screw it, I'll stand by it: magicians suck.

Kelly said...

Hey, juggling is a skill, man. And okay, I guess you could consider sleight of hand a skill too.

Magic shows still make me irrationally angry.

Chrissy said...

I don't like magicians, either. Never was attracted to the whole "smoke and mirrors" deal. Some of it is interesting, but not enough to keep me entertained for long.

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