Thursday, May 08, 2008

Coworker of the Day

So this isn't about one of my coworkers, it's one of the husband's. And maybe I should say "Former Coworker of the Day."

The phone rings at the husband's work, and it's for L. After he finishes the call, he tells T the manager that he has to go pick up his stepdaughter at school because she's sick. T tells him that's fine. But before L leaves, he picks up the phone and from what T could hear on his end, sounds like he calls his mom, "I have to go pick her up. You can't do it? Okay, okay, I'll go. Yeah, no problem, love you, bye." Except something happens when he hangs up the phone, and it rings again. The secretary answers, and it's the local time and temperature number playing its recording. She redials the number he just dialed to make sure, and yes, he called the local time and temperature line. LIAH!

I guess that he's had to leave work early several times before, and everyone at the husband's work is pretty tired of it, so they let him go but call the temp agency he works for to let them know they won't be needing him anymore. The temp agency handles the rest of it for them.

This should be the end of the story, but no. L calls the office later and talks to T the manager. He had called to apologize for leaving work like that, but hey, man to man, "I pooped my pants and really had to go home."

T, because he is the manager and he's Very Professional says, "Well, thanks for calling me, L, and I thank you for your honesty."

But dude. You still don't have a job. You a) lied, and then b) lied about pooping your pants, or c) ACTUALLY pooped your pants.


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