Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Can I get a 12-step program in here?

I just finished up a bowl of ice cream for lunch. I got to eat it all by myself since the babies are down for naps and the husband is at work.

The husband? He may have a addiction problem. I've never seen any human scarf down the ice cream that the husband can. I bought two half gallons of Breyer's on Friday; one's gone and the other has a huge dent in it. Today's lunch was the first bowl I've seen.

I like ice cream just fine, but I probably wouldn't buy it but every few weeks or so if it were just me. I like a bowl here and there, but the husband would die without it. Literally curl up into a corner, fetal-style, and wither away. There have been days (DAYS) where we've been out of ice cream, and he's whined and had to make a special trip just for a half-gallon.

My sister bought him a gift card for his birthday to Cold Stone Creamery in April. He did share it with his family begrudgingly.

I guess we all have our vices. I can't keep this house stocked in enough Goldfish crackers. I could buy vats of guacamole and never feel satisfied myself. And did you know that fruit snacks might as well be labeled "Fruity-Flavored Kid Crack"? The things I could get my kids to do for those colorful chewy plastic-like bits are endless.

Wanna clean up your room? I have fruit snacks!

Can you fold your laundry? Fruit snacks!

Go to college, become doctors and support your parents' ice cream and guacamole habits? I've got TWO packages of fruit snacks that say you can do it.

So yeah. The husband likes ice cream. I'm sure he'll be eyeing the container tonight to make sure I didn't get more than my fair share. Which is fine, because I occasionally count Diet Cokes to make sure none were stolen and abused. I guess I'll leave that addiction for another post.


jenni said...

I *heart* icecream. It's really yummy. Oh, and Starbucks. It's a sickness. I haven't had Starbucks in two freakin' weeks. I'm dying. I really need a 12 step.

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