Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Thank god he didn't get my math gene

We attended Big D's school today for a little end-of-year awards ceremony. Big D is a bright kid. He won an award for straight A's for the entire year and one for all A's in citizenship. I'm pretty proud of him and constantly amazed that I produced that. It seems he excels and is brilliant in spite of me.

After tomorrow, Big D will be a second grader.

People, if you ever need to urge time on, are impatient for life to fly by right before your eyes, go ahead and get yourself a baby. Because in no time flat, they go from squishy fat baby thighs to intermittently toothless, gangly second graders (in slight need of a haircut).

Congrats, Big D.


Taj said...

Too true! Anyone that thinks time moves in slow motion doesn't have a kid.

I got me a baby and somehow she morphed into a 7 year old. She'll be in 2nd grade after the 31st. She's also nearly 5 feet. How's tha for scary. ;) She's bright, sweet and totally normal. I still wonder how THAT happened.

Congrats to your little Big Man!

(Here via BB)

Kelly said...

5 feet? You grow freakishly tall children! ;)

We're planning on moving in two years, which seems forever away. We're just keeping an eye on the kids. Two years will be here before we know it.

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