Friday, April 18, 2008

Shaken, not stirred

The husband and I were awoken about 5:40 this morning to an earthquake. Being that I've lived my whole life in Indiana, save for that one year in Arkansas, I've never had the pleasure of being shaken awake. So at first, I was wondering who the hell drove into the house. Because that is just not called for. I grabbed the husband's shoulder, because that fixes everything, you know. And since he has only lived in Arkansas and Indiana also, he asks, "Is that an earthquake?"

After the rumbling died down, he turned on the TV. All the local news anchors had peed all over themselves (man, I can't get away from it), and a few of the male anchors were sporting woodies in the excitement. The husband came back to bed, confirmed it was indeed an earthquake, and promptly fell back asleep.

When I got up at 8:00, the local news was STILL on. The Today Show is supposed to come on at 7:00, but there was Earthquake News to Be Covered. I mean, someone in Brownsburg suffered a scratch, dammit.

I'd be all excited too except for the fact that they act this way during "tornadic activity" too.


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