Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Customer of the Day

So when you spill a little of your venti frappuccino on yourself, all by yourself, don't glare at me. Be grateful I brought you a damn towel to mop it up. And don't passive-aggressively say, "So you want to make another one, or should I just take this one?" Even though that frappuccino is just fine, even though you only spilled about a tablespoon of it, I'll make you another one. Oh yes. But I'll also think you are the biggest asshole this side of the county line. And I'll probably blog about it too. Asshole.

Oh, and when your smartass kid says, "It's probably because you put too much whip cream on it," please tell him to shut up. I'm pretty sure the weight of whipped cream didn't make you fumble your drink. Seriously, if you can't handle 24 ounces of cold blended beverage, order something smaller.

Did I mention you're an asshole?

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