Thursday, April 17, 2008

Notes from Puddleville

1. Smella's not really doing so great on the potty training front. Yes, I know it's only been two days, but I'm over it already. And wow. I had not the faintest idea how much urine a teeny tiny 28 pound baby girl could produce. Oh, and it is really a lot of fun when you hear, "Oh, boy. Oh boy!" realize that's the "I gotta pee" call, go running to find the toddler, and then actually slip in a puddle of piss. And then look up to see tiny pee footprints down your hallway. No, really, a BLAST!

2. Speaking of peepee, I have a bladder infection. I think it started Monday, but I hate going to the doctor, so I tried to drown it in liquids and hope. Didn't work. I now have orders to drown it in liquids and an antibiotic. Nice.

3. I have to plan some kind of yummy birthday dinner and cake for the husband on Saturday. He'll eat anything and is so not picky, so he's no help whatsoever. Wonder how he'd like lasagna with a side of pee?

4. My mom came to watch the kids today while I finally hauled myself to the doctor. She likes to call it "tinkling." MY LORD, I hate that phrase. It's what she used when my sister and I were little, and I hated it then. She knows my hatred of it, so all day she was telling Smella, "Do you have to tink---pee?" I love that woman.

5. Did I mention pee? Because I've had several puddles of it I feel like I may be drowning in it. *glub*


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