Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The peepee dance

So I just up and decided to give potty training a shot today with my two-year-old. Oh, hell, I've been dreading thinking about it for some time now because she shows all the signs and girls are supposed to be waaaay easier than boys and I just don't have enough stuff to do. We've had the pottychair sitting in the kids' bathroom for several months now to, you know, acquaint her with it. She's sat on it a few times and played around, enough so that's she's not too freaked out about it.

When I asked her if she'd like to big a Big Girl now and wear Big Girl Underwear just like mommy this morning, she politely declined. I reminded her that if she wanted to wear Big Girl Underwear that she wouldn't have to wear diapers and I'd never have to bug her about changing her diapers. That piqued her interest a little. Smella really hates to be interrupted during Oswald. The whole thing was sealed when I told her that her bestest little guy friend was using the potty and wearing Big Boy Underwear (c'mon, all the other kids are doing it!). I let her pick out a pair of Little Mermaid undies (which ohmygawd, baby girl underwear is SO cute) and she's been dry for about two hours so far. I ask approximately every three seconds if she has to pee and she says, "No fank you." I figure the first time she pees all over Ariel's head she will have a complete and utter meltdown, but I'm hoping this takes. I'll only have one baby in diapers then.

Oh, and she was looking quite fetching this morning in a Beauty and the Beast t-shirt, Little Mermaid undies and hooker shoes. And crazy hair.

Lots and lots of crazy hair.


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