Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Random Tuesday thoughts


1. Even though Keely doesn't, I have to center that button above. Have. to.

2. Did you all see Dooce on Oprah yesterday? Did you hear them mention she makes 40 grand a month in adverts? I would kill to make that in a year, people. My blog is just as good as her's, right guys? Guys? Hello...?

3. It rained all day long on Sunday, and wouldn't you know it, Oscar hates rain. As in, he would just stand still in one spot outside until he was soaked, and no amount of, "Go potty. Go potty. Go potty. Go Potty" would make him budge. Which is fine, awww, cute, the puppy hates the rain. But then he came in and shit on the floor. It stopped being cute then.

4. Incorrect use of punctuation annoys me. There's a pet store here called Pet Supplies "Plus." Like they don't really mean "plus." Or, yeah, it's "plus" all right. Snicker, snort, snicker.

5. For lunch, I had TGI Fridays. I ordered some kind of steak sandwich that was absolutely heavenly until I bit into a fried plantain. Mushy, sweet plantain with chewy, spicy beef. I just urped thinking about it again.

6. Guys? Right?


Peggy said...

You know, I've never even read Dooce! 40 grand a MONTH? wtf?

C.B. Jones said...

punctuation nerd...deal with, "this" if you can?

Mary said...

I have to center the button too. It's a compulsion.

blueviolet said...

She's making $40g a month in ads? And I'm letting ads sit on my EC widget for free? Oh yeah...I'm not dooce.

Keely said...


I hate inappropriate quotation marks. They should be taken out back, and shot.

Ane Fallarme said...

$40G? Whoa! I never even heard of Dooce.. LOL..

and I do love your blog! :)

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