Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Free to good home

While sitting on the couch, Boobers and Smella snuggling in my lap, Smella declares that she likes her baby brother.

"You do?"

"Uh huh. And he likes me!"

"I think he does too. Do you think we should keep him?"


"Should we throw him in the trash?"

"No!" Complete with horrified expression.

"Okay, no trash. Should we give him to C (a close friend of mine that Smella adores)?"


"But I thought we were keeping him! Why do you want to give him to C?"

"C likes him too! We could share!"

Okay, okay. I guess maybe Barney isn't all that bad. Just look at the lessons she's learned already!


Elisa said...

LOL. Smella is pretty smart. I wonder if I can find anyone I can share Stella with?

Ann said...

Very cute post! So why is it that parents like to say they'll throw their kids in the trash? I know they're just kidding, but my parents did the same thing. They even told me that they brought me home from the dumpster. I wonder if this is a universal parenting thing. :)

Kelly said...

Ann, when you have a baby, they give you a booklet of chiche parent sayings. Among them are threatening to throw them away, "were you born in a barn?" and "because I said so!" They come in very handy!

Kelly said...

I also wanted to add that every parents says, "Oh, I won't use THESE stupid parent cliches!" But then you do. You just can't help it. lol

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