Thursday, July 17, 2008


This morning, while I fixed Boober's breakfast and the older two sat and ate:

Boobers: Mmmm! Numnumnum!

Smella to Big D: I think he wants a bite.

Big D: Well, I'm not giving him a bite!

Smella: Well, I'm not giving him a bite either!

Boobers: Numnumnum! *whine*

Smella: I fink he's hungry.

Big D: You should give him a bite.

Smella: NO! You give him a bite!


At the Little Rock Zoo, standing in front of the grizzly bear exhibit, watching a huge bear sniffing the air for baby snacks.

Me: Look, Smella! See the bear? Isn't that cool?

Smella: Uh huh. Can I wide him?


Upon entering Smella's bedroom in the morning, wearing a pair of plaid pj pants I dug out of hiding in my dresser.

Me: Hi, baby!

Smella: Mommy! Are those new pants? Those pants are BEAUTIFUL, mommy! I love them! Did you buy them at the store? They are so pretty! Are they blue? I love blue!

Me: Uhhh...thank you?


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