Thursday, April 24, 2008


I've known my bestest friend forever since eighth grade. She was newish to school, and when another friend invited her to sit at our regular table during lunch, I didn't like her. Thought she was a total snob and rather bitchy. But she ate lunch with us everyday, and then I had a few other classes with her, and the more I talked to her, I realized that hey, maybe I did like her. Maybe she really wasn't a bitchy snob, just kind of quiet until you get her riled up. Because hoo-boy, she can get riled up.

We haven't been apart since.

There were sleepovers in the beginning, mingling of siblings and families (hers is award-winning crazy), and later, some underage drinking, some aimless driving around asking, "I don't know, what do you wanna do?" and then boys, marriage, babies, new houses... We've done them all together.

K currently lives 2.91 miles away (thanks, Mapquest). I like this fact. And no, it's not that we're at each other's houses constantly. We have six kids between us, two jobs, two husbands, a house apiece to clean, trumpet lessons, soccer, etc, etc. So no, there's not much visiting. We try to meet up every other Thursday with another mutual friend and we also talk daily on the phone. We're there for all six kids' birthdays, Christmas, our birthdays, and the occasional midnight freak-out when one of us pops up unexpectedly pregnant.

K is moving soon. Well, as long as the house passes inspection. And I'm happy for her. Mostly. I'd be totally happy save for the fact that this house will be an hour away. 53.72 miles. She will be long-distance to phone. We talk I don't even have a long-distance provider on my land line. I don't randomly pop in on her very often, but I can if I want. 54 miles away? Not so much. I'm going to have save money for gas just to visit and rollover minutes just to call her.

I'm going to miss her. And I can almost guarantee that since she's not easy to hop in a car and run down the road to see, I'm going to miss hanging out with her. She promises to "drive into town" as often as possible, but really, with the above mentioned responsibilities, that's easier said than done. She is truly the only person who fully understands me, gets me, and never judges. We can finish each other's sentences, she's watched me give birth three times.

I'm hoping, fingers crossed, that nothing changes between us. I'm not sure I could take it.


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