Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Random Tuesday thoughts


1. Hopefully this afternoon/evening, my bff K will be holding her new baby girl. This is after three very rough and tumble boys. And hopefully, I'll be able to be there with her and get to nuzzle her too. (The baby, not K. Although there IS something about childbirth that makes me want to nuzzle everyone in the room, soooo...)

2. So after much hoopla and crap and hatred, I'm moving to a different store for my job. Honestly, I think they're trying to make me quit. They've suddenly said they can't have as many part-timers as they do, so a few people have to go. Which, fine, whatever. I suppose that should be enough to make me quit, but I plan on keeping this job until I decide I'm done. So if they really want me to go, they'll have to fire me. Muhahahaha.

3. I should probably devote a whole post to it, but you know, I like these hit and run kinda posts. I think it's called " laziness," but that's irrelevant.  I gave Oscar dog back to my sister.  She wound up not moving out and could still keep him, and frankly, I think it was probably for the best.  Having him here was a good test run for having a fourth child.  He was a bit like a really ill-behaved two-year-old, and hey, I've already got one of those!  We miss him dearly, but we still get to visit with him.  When the kids are old and I don't feel like I'm flying apart into a million pieces, we'll try to get another puppy.  Probably.  Maybe.

4. Anytime I want to say the word "irrelevant," I want to pronounce it "irREVelant." And then I feel really stupid.

5. My mom gave me a really pretty milk glass vase a couple of weeks ago, and I had grand ideas about always having fresh flowers in it sitting on my kitchen table. I guess I haven't priced fresh-cut flowers lately, but this will not be happening every week because they're freaking expensive. I bought four chrysanthemums last night for $4. If these make it a week and I replace them, that's $16 a month. It's like another damn bill, for crying out loud. And what I really wanted were the pretty colorful springy bouquets that went for $10.

6.  You should totally vote for me for Best Local Blog on Parents Connect.  Since posting about it yesterday, I'm up %5!  Which is completely awesome.  I heart you guys.

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If you're feeling irrevelantly random, you should stop by Keely's.  She's the queen of random, and she also makes that nifty button at the top.  Go on.  She'll totally let you borrow it!


Elisa said...

I can totally relate about the flowers! I would love to have freshly cut flowers every week on my dining room table, but man, they are expensive. So I only have them at Mother's Day, and Valentine's Day, and sometimes on our anniversary or on my birthday. Hey, better than nothing, right?

Elisa said...

oh, and I voted!!

Keely said...

I used to live in a city that had corner stores with flowers at a discount if they'd been out for a couple of days. Like, for a buck. I had flowers constantly, I miss that.

Here, they're ridonkulously expensive and I only buy them if I'm in a really good mood or a REALLY bad one.

jen @ negative lane said...

Cheap fresh flowers? Grow "Cut and Come Again" Zinnias. Truly an idiot can grow them in any available patch of ground and as long as you keep cutting them, they'll keep blooming. Very pretty mixed colors and a pack of seeds are about a buck and a half. Best trick I know for keeping fresh flowers in the house, at least during the warm months.

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