Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Random Tuesday thoughts


It's Tuesday! I purposely wait for Tuesdays just to spew randomness everywhere. You can thank Keely for that.

I took Oscar to the vet today to be neutered. I'm really hoping this helps his humping problem. It's awkward to watch your friend's three-year-old and have to tell her that yeah, my dog humped your baby A LOT while you were gone. Sorry!

Since this whole morning was screwed by waking up late and then getting the dog to the vet's late, I didn't drop the babies off at my mom's today. So it looks like I'm turning to Dora and Blue for some baby-sitting back up.

I got lost on the way back from the vet clinic this morning. It's on a side of town that I'm completely unfamiliar with, and I got turned around, and wouldn't you know it? I'm not equipped with a fucking compass. I'm thinking about having one implanted into the back of my hand. I resisted calling the husband to help me out, even though there were a couple of panicky, near-tears moments. So there's that.

A guy walked into work yesterday and said he needed help. The three of us that were there looked at him attentively, and when he said he needed a topic to write a persuasive paper for school, I audibly snorted. I couldn't help it. I can barely keep up with my own homework, and I'm sure as hell not helping him.

Did you know sometimes I'm evil? Because now that I've typed that out, I look like a huge asshole. Huh.

There's no warm doggy body keeping my feet warm. No cold doggy nose poking me. No puppy eyes begging for a snack. I think I adore that damn dog.

Okay, I think I can wrap up the randomness here. I really wish every day was random Tuesday.


FoN said...

Now you're making me want a dog more. I look to the internet to talk me out of such silliness.

And, Clamato is awesome. It tastes nothing like V8, which I'm pretty sure is made from ass.

Jenni said...

my older son is named oscar! he does not hump legs, though, and i'm not having him neutered. Although when he turns 16 i'll probably wish i had.

Peggy said...

Hi Kelly! Please take pictures of your dog with big cone on his head...cuz they're funny. I can say this b/c I have my own dog, who has been fixed and continues to lick his phantom balls and hump any live or inanimated object before him! He would've been a TOTAL playa dog if he wasn't neutered! :)

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

Loved your randomness today - they invoked lots of giggles from me! ;)

Happy RTT! :)

Keely said...

Um, I wouldn't have helped him either, and I don't even have my own homework anymore. So what does that make me?

You're also making me want a dog, and I already have one that should have taught me why I don't want ANOTHER one.

happy tuesday!

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