Friday, September 19, 2008

Of fortune-telling and being shot in the face

There's no way for me to top the husband's tenth-year anniversary post. He sums everything up so fluidly and eloquently, no? Exactly everything I feel is written right there. 311 and and Yahweh. Verbatim, baby.

I will say that yay! ten years! Amazing. And amazing that I still like him. A lot. He's funny. His eyes are a lovely shade of dark blue. He's scary smart. He makes cute babies. So here's to another ten and beating all the odds.

Happy anniversary.


Elisa said...

Congrats babe, that's fantastic! 10 years. Tell him to buy you something pretty. But tell him in a romantic way, like "oh, I love your dark blue eyes, they are like sapphires, I wish I could take one and keep it with me always... or, you know, you could buy me a sapphire ring, that works too". Or something. I am really not good at this. Never mind. Happy Anniversary!

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