Friday, May 23, 2008


It may surprise you to know that I've never been to the Indianapolis Speedway. I've lived on the west side of Indianapolis for 28 of my 29 years and have driven by it hundreds of times, but I've never actually visited it. That also means that I've never seen the Indy 500 in person. I've always lived close enough that I can hear the cars whine as they race around the track. And when they release the hundreds of balloons on race morning, I've had a stray one float into my yard. We can see the jets fly over on their way from the track. And it's always fun to drive around Speedway, Indiana over Memorial Day weekend at night and watch the drunks and loons stumble around.

The hilarious part of all this though? The husband got two free tickets through his job. So he's thinking of taking Big D this Sunday. That means that my seven-year-old and transplant husband will have seen the track before I have, a native Indianapolisian (I just made that up. I like it better than "Hoosier.")

Meh. I should probably visit the track sometime in my life. But on Sunday, I'll just stay at home and listen to the scratchy radio broadcast. (Did you know they won't televise the race here until 7 PM that night? Is that our punishment for not buying a ticket and seeing it in person? I refuse to be manipulated!)I also won't have to fight crowds, find parking, and deal with any drunken loons.

I'm sure Big D will have a blast. And hopefully, he won't see more than a couple pairs of boobs.


Faizal said...

just dropping by to say HELLO!!!

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