Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A Bug's Life

We have ants. The big ants and the small ones. The big ones seem to just wander around endlessly, looking for something. Occasionally, if I don't keep the bag tightly sealed, I find them taking up residence in the brown sugar. The little ones come from a certain spot and trail all the way to a small food source. Usually a drop of juice or a speck of cereal because I keep my kitchen OCD clean. Another favorite hangout is the cat's food bowl.

Needless to say, they are really grossing me out, and we're losing the battle. We keep Raid on hand for spot killing. I bought some (more) of those stupid ant bait trap things. And we smoosh one any time we see one. And since we have, I don't know, 400 gabillion, the kids have gotten in on the ant homicide. Because all creatures are lovely and deserve to live. Unless you're on my carpet, and then you're toast.

The other day, one of those huge ants was meandering by Big D. He reached out and smacked it a few times. "Did you get it?" I asked.

He looks down at the ant still trying to stumble away. He smacked it again. "Not yet. I think I just made him sore."


Dawtch said...

Bay leaves repel ants. fresh & dried, stick 'em under the sink, behind the cabinets, in any little cracks. I hate ants in the house, they drive me NUTS! Disgusting little buggers.
Good luck

Wally Banners said...

Hi this should help. killing ants link down at bottom. I have used it for past 5 years and it works so well I have only ordered it twice in that time. you sprinkle a lil bit and man their gone for a awhile if not ever. go to site click on products tab scroll down to end and look for diatect v organic pest control. no odors or residue. its bout 24 bucks but the ants are gone 4evea. btw you got my bob vote:)

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